Cloud Server Setup

Our POS system is capable of sending data online via the BMO cloud Platform (Business Management Online). All our POS terminals can get their data synced to the BMO Platform that connects back to the back-end database to display, view and manage the data. This will then be synced to the offline machine for offline usage and up-to-date data.



Client Server Setup

There is no limitation for the number of POS stations that can connect to the server. Our Headquarters application allows for the HQ to view transactions from multiple branches. Our modules and systems work perfectly with client server structures and eases the syncing to client servers as well as client server setups.

Cloud Base POS System

We love that business these days can be managed by the tip of your fingers. That is why we have created a Cloud Based POS System for you to run your business from your phone, tablet, laptop or POS terminals. Monitor your store, edit items and even access to the footage of your surveillance cameras.



SMS Marketing via POS Terminal

Our terminals are integrated with SMS Marketing and Email Marketing function in order for you to send Bulk SMS to multiple target audiences directly from your POS terminal as long as WiFi connection is available. The cost effective rates and user friendly interface makes it easy for business operations application.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM (Client Relationship Management) is created to benefit businesses of all sizes, SOHO, Small-Medium Enterprises as well as industrial businesses. The CRM software allows for you to manage your sales and information whenever you make a sale.



Vocotext – B2C Communication Channel

A smart app that allows you to get in touch with your clients and create a strong bond, eliminating animosity and bridging a relationship with your customers whilst turning them into fans and ambassadors of your brand or products. On top of that, your customers get to earn points, vouchers, gifts and so many other goodies by just using it and interacting! 

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