Frequently Asked Questions

Why BMO Point of Sales System?
How is the BMO POS System different from my current POS System?
I am currently using a different POS system, how can I transfer my current database?
Which module does BMO Simple POS System work with?
How does BMO's Simple POS System handle inventory?
Are Permission Grouping available in the Simple POS system?
How many POS stations can BMO's Simple POS system run simultaneously?
Do I have to install each module separately, on the same computer as the POS System?
Who do I call for support issues?
Do I need to purchase another copy of the BMO POS System for other stations or branches?
What POS hardware do I need for BMO's POS system?
Will my POS System be outdated?
What do I need to become a POS Reseller?
Do I need a physical shop as a POS Reseller?
Is training provided for POS Resellers?
How much does the system cost?
How fast does it take to learn the system?

The system is fairly simple to learn. It takes about 2 hours of training to get teach your clients to start using the system. As a Reseller, you will be trained and equipped to conduct the initial set up and Start Using training for your clients.

When can the system purchased be delivered?
How long will the after-sales service last?
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