Become a Reseller

Becoming a POS Reseller

become reseller

Join us and discover why our POS systems are the best in the world with the most integrated functions that help our customers achieve their business goals and targets. Our POS systems are equipped for businesses like:

  • Pharmaceuticals and optical shops
  • Retail shops like organic food stores, produce stores, markets, sundry shops and more
  • Retail shops like computer shops, services like nail shops, boutiques, hair salons and more
  • F&B shops like restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and more
  • F&B shops like pop up event shops, food trucks, food fairs, canteens and more
  • On-the-Go POS systems for access online & offline and complete convenience

POS Resellers of all business sizes are welcome to join us. We constantly welcome your participation in getting our products further into various markets as well as regions. We love working with POS Resellers with 100% drive and are proud of our compensation and rewards plan that we have waiting for you. Earn a great income from our great products whilst helping others to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

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